Supporting Families and Friends of Participants

Families and Friends play an important role in supporting people in their mental health journeys.

We are working to develop our services so that you feel welcomed, supported and informed about how Richmond Futures works and how people are supported on their recovery and wellbeing journey.

We understand your role in a person’s life and believe that:

Working Together With You

As our role is to support the loved one in your life, it is always their choice as to the level of involvement a family member or friend has in their support with Richmond Futures. Family members and friends are always welcome to contact Richmond Futures to discuss any concerns you may have or information you believe we should know – however, your loved one’s right to privacy and confidentiality means we may not  always be able to share information with you.

We recognise the importance of your role in a person’s life and are committed to continually working to improve our practice to support the person and yourself. Our current focus is to:

Useful Supports for Carers

Mental health families & friends TASMANIA (formerly Mental Health Carers Tasmania (MHCT)) – MHFFTas’ mission is to promote and improve the wellbeing of carers of people affected by mental ill health through support and education. MHFFTas provides a great range of resources and information for carers across Tasmania.

Mental Health Services Helpline. Call the Helpline for mental health advice, assessment and referral: 1800 332 388.

You may want to call the Helpline when you or someone you know is:

• showing obvious changes in mood

• behaving in a disorganised manner

• seeing things that aren’t there

• hearing voices

• expressing strange thoughts

• very anxious and fearful

• expressing suicidal ideas or thoughts.

Department of Health – Information for consumers, families and carers

Your Say, Advocacy Tasmania work with older people living with disability or mental health issues and people who use alcohol or drugs.

Free call: 1800 005 131or if you are from interstate or using a mobile: (03) 6224 2240.

Text: 0457 806 963 or email:

National Standards for Mental Health Services

The National Standards for Mental Health Services have been developed to be applied across the broad range of mental health services. It is anticipated that the Standards will be a ‘living document’ that will further evolve as services progressively strive to meet relevant and expected standards of care.

Let Us Know What You Think

We encourage you to continue to provide feedback to Leaders at individual at our programs, or through the form below regarding your experiences in any of these areas so that we can continue to improve the services we provide.

If you have concerns about the supports your loved one is receiving, or if something happens, it is important that you talk to us. Richmond Futures welcomes your feedback and we are always willing to work with you to improve our services and better understand your loved one’s needs. You can provide feedback by:

• Speaking with an employee in person or over the phone: (03) 6228 3344.

• Sending an email to:  

• Lodging a compliments, complaints and feedback form: