Richmond Futures is looking for like-minded professionals to join our team. We work hard to create and maintain an environment where you can bring your best and enjoy the work you do. Working with Richmond Futures, we make it easy to work when it suits you, ensure you have the access to the tools and resources you need to do work well, provide professional development opportunities and supervision.

Current Vacancies

There are currently no open positions.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of those living with psychosocial disability but don’t see your role currently advertised, let us know about you and what you can bring to Richmond Futures through our Employment Expression of Interest Form.

Employment Expression of Interest Form

All employees are required to have received their full COVID-19 vaccinations.

How We Work

Richmond Futures employees are time aware, contractually competent, productive, self-motivated, open to change and comfortable to uncertainty. We are a quality workforce aimed at building our brand and presence in the market through our professionalism and excellence in service delivery.

Being resilient workers who understand that change is a key part of working within the NDIS and that supporting participants through plan changes, goal changes and need changes is part of our everyday work.

Our employees work ethically and prioritise and support participants and understand participants’ contracts.

Richmond Futures values certainty and consistency when we can provide it, so wherever possible we engage employees on permanent part time or full-time contracts, or event based contracts to meet participants’ needs – employing casually only if it best suits the participants, employees and the organisation.

Our Values

Our values underpin every aspect of our work. We believe that:
• Mental health and social inclusion is everyone’s right.
• People can and do recover.
• Recovery is a journey, and is as unique as each participant is.
• Every one of us has the right to feel a sense of wellbeing.

88% of employees agree that they feel proud to tell people where they work.

– Richmond Group Employee Engagement Survey

93% of employees understood Richmond Groups values and regularly consider them when undertaking their role.

– Richmond Group Employee Engagement Survey

87% of employees agree that they felt empowered to come up with new ways of doing things in their role.

– Richmond Group Employee Engagement Survey