What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way for people under the age of 65 years living with disability and mental health needs to get care and support.

Greater choice and control

People with an NDIS plan have choice and control over who provides their supports and how these supports are provided. This means greater flexibility, so that you can find the support that you need to achieve the goals that are important to you Under the NDIS, government funding is now allocated to you instead of the organisations that provide the services. This means that you can use that funding to find the mix of support services that suit your needs, values and goals. The support you receive can be tailored to you.

At Richmond Futures, we believe the journey to recovery and wellbeing is as unique as each person is. We will work with you to help you exercise choice over what supports you need and control over how they are provided.

We are here to help

More choice and control is great, but knowing where to start with the NDIS can be confusing. That’s where we can help!

At Richmond Futures, we support Tasmanians statewide to access and transition to the NDIS. We understand the NDIS in detail, so that you don’t have to.

We can help you:

  • Test your eligibility for an NDIS plan;
  • Support you to access other support if not eligible;
  • Interpret and understand your NDIS plan;
  • Provide support while you test eligibility;
  • Find and/or connect you with the services that will support your recovery and wellbeing; and
  • Get the most out of your NDIS plan.
How do I find out if I am eligible for the NDIS?
Not sure if you’re eligible for the NDIS? The easiest way is to contact Richmond Futures on (03) 6169 1188, by emailing us at referrals@richmondfutures.com.au, or by sending us an enquiry. We can help you find out if you are eligible and work with you to develop your support plan. Alternatively, you can find information about eligibility on the NDIS website.
Already have an approved NDIS plan?

Richmond Futures can help by:

  • Meeting with you to talk about your NDIS plan and the supports you are seeking;
  • Working together to plan how best we can help you with your activities and goals;
  • Providing you with the right support from our qualified and skilled staff; and
  • Helping you make informed choices about your support.

Contact us on (03) 6169 1188, email us at referrals@richmondfutures.com.au, or send us an enquiry to talk to our team about how we can help you put your NDIS plan into action.

NDIS Supports

Richmond Futures is registered to provide a range of NDIS supports throughout Tasmania including:

Housing and Accommodation
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) – Richmond Futures offers supported accommodation options to suit your needs and support you on your recovery and wellbeing journey. Further information on our SIL program is available in our brochure – Click Here
    To request a quote for Supported Independent Living – Click Here
  • Short Term Accommodation – Richmond Futures offers short term (up to 14 days) and respite accommodation
Coordination of Supports
  • Coordination of support (including specialised coordination of support) – Richmond Futures will help you navigate the NDIS and get the most out of your plan. We can help you address barriers and reduce complexity while assisting you to connect with supports and build capacity.
Recovery and Wellbeing Supports
  • Life stage and transition – Richmond Futures can help to strengthen your ability to live at home and participate in your community, including:
    • Life transition planning, mentoring, peer support and individual skill development; and
    • Assistance with decision making, daily planning, and budgeting.
  • Behaviour support – Richmond Futures can provide assessments and supports to develop a comprehensive plan that aims to reduce and manage behaviours of concern.
  • Community Nursing Care – Richmond Futures can provide qualified nurses who can support you with your high level of needs and/or train your support workers to respond to your complex needs.
  • Therapeutic support – Richmond Futures can assist you to apply your functional skills to improve participation and independence in daily, practical activities such as personal care, interpersonal interactions and community living.
Being Part of Your Community
  • Participation in community and social activities – Richmond Futures can support you to participate in and develop your ability to participate in community and social activities.
  • Group recreation activities – Richmond Futures operates a range of group based recreation activities. We can assist you to participate in these or other community, social or recreational activities.
Daily Life
  • Development of life skills – Richmond Futures will work with you to identify and build the skills you need to increase your ability to live independently.
  • Daily personal activities (including high intensity daily personal activities where an additionally qualified and experienced worker can provide support for complex needs) – Richmond Futures will assist with and/or supervise personal tasks of daily life to enable you to live as independently as possible.
  • Travel and transport – Richmond Futures can support you to enhance your ability to travel and use public transport independently.
Physical Health

Exercise physiology and personal wellbeing – Richmond Futures understands the important of physical wellbeing and can work with you to promote and encourage physical wellbeing, including exercise.

Plan Management

Management of funds for supports – Richmond Futures can support you by providing financial management of your plan. This includes making payments to providers, processing expense claims, providing monthly statements to you and processing payments from the NDIA.

Information for family, carers & significant others

The NDIS will ensure that people with a psychosocial disability are given every opportunity to make their own decisions and exercise choice and control. We recognise that the role of families, carers and significant others is often essential in supporting people with disability to realise these goals and will include them in discussions about supports.

The NDIS has developed information, referral and linkage fact sheets to ensure families and carers are able to access supports in the community to assist them in their role. Guardians or nominees of people with a psycho social disability play an important role in the NDIS to represent the interest of the person and they can contact the NDIS on behalf of the person. Find out more about families and carers in the NDIS.